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Memorial Day Flood Areas Need Help

  • 1.  Memorial Day Flood Areas Need Help

    Posted 10-08-2015 03:26

    Anyone in the area that could either donate heavy equipment for demolition or provide for a very low cost the Volunteer Center for the region affected by the Memorial Day flood (Wimberley, San Marcos, Martindale and other areas of the region) are in great need.   Several homes still need to be demolished.  I've reached out to some companies that I know own their own equipment; however they are currently so busy they don't have any equipment they can send that way.  I don't know anyone at equipment sales/rental places to ask.  

    I have the regional coordinators contact information if anyone wants to talk to her to find out more details or you can contact the VRC - contact information below.  I believe they do have experienced people to run the machinery.  Last I checked they were looking for bobcats, back hoes, skid steers - anything that can be used for demolition.

    FYI they are still in desperate need of volunteers in all areas as well.  They were blessed with many volunteers the first month or so and now it isn't as publicized.  But they still need help.  So if your company would like to set up a volunteer day contact me and or you can contact the Volunteer Center at 512-754-2275 or 512-715-4134 or email WimberleyResponse@gmail.com.

    Although this says Wimberley the Volunteer Center has coordinated to all areas and they can lead you to any of the areas needing help.


    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.

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